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The big news this week has been Apple's proposal for 13 new emojis representing people with disabilities. Options include a guide dog, mechanical and manual wheelchairs, the 'deaf sign' in ASL, and prosthetic limbs.

The majority of feedback I've seen on this proposal has been positive: both from those with disabilities and those without. A subset of people noted that while they have a disability they don't want to be reminded and/or don't want people using these emojis to mock them. As always, it's hard for a single proposal to please everyone.

There's also the people saying this is "PC gone mad" or words to that effect, but that seems par for the course in many attempts at inclusivity in this world.

As for constructive criticism: a number of people have pointed to the lack of mobility scooter, walking stick, crutches, and/or symbols for hidden disabilities and mental health. I'm not so sure that abstract symbols are a workable option for hidden disabilities, unless there are widely recognized depictions already.

The Unicode Technical Committee meets next month at Adobe HQ in San Jose to discuss this proposal and more. I'll report back with what is decided.

Jeremy Burge

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I only found out when speaking to Jane Solomon for this month's podcast that there is no "Easter Long Weekend" break for those in the US. Having lived in both Australia and the UK I had been under the wrong impression that having a four day weekend at this time of year was normal.

For those with time off, please enjoy! And for those still at work, well, you can pretend these emoji articles are for legitimate work purposes I am sure.