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Hello from San Jose California, where the next Unicode Technical Committee meeting has just begun.

I'm here on behalf of Emojipedia and on the agenda are candidates for the 2019 emoji set, with some of the most visible so far being Apple’s proposal for accessibility emojis (made public last month) as well as a proposal looking at whether more color options (⚪️🔴⚫️🔵) should be made available for future emoji releases. White wine is always a popular request, and these could assist with that.

Here's another proposal I like a lot: Pinching gesture (can be used to mean "small")

This meeting won't determine that final emoji list for 2019, but it is an important step along the way.

Jeremy Burge

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There’s been a lot of new subscribers to Emoji Wrap this month, so if this is your first issue, welcome! We’ve got a great team at Emojipedia that cover emerging trends in emoji usage, as well as documenting changes from each vendor in how they display various emojis.

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