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Some things to look forward to in 2018: Samsung will soon support the 2017 emoji list, Unicode will announce a new emoji list for 2018 (currently in beta), and most major platforms will support new emojis by the end of the year.

Unicode held its quarterly technical committee meeting in Silicon Valley last week, and many of the decisions will be published in the coming months including the aforementioned 2018 emoji list. Unicode deals with a much wider range of text encoding matters than just emoji and document published for this meeting discusses some of the reasons a character may be approved as an emoji compared to a regular Unicode symbol.

Also in 2018: what will this year's emoji “scandal” be? Surely 2017 went to burger-emoji-gate, and 2016 could well have been a tie between the gun emoji and the peach emoji changes.

On a personal note, Emojipedia turns five this year which snuck up on me rather quickly. To all of those who were around since the early days, thank you!

Jeremy Burge

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