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2018 is just about with us! No doubt this email is hitting many of your work autoresponders now...and that's okay.

For those of you looking for some light reading over the holiday break, this issue has an amusing set of emoji insights that you might be able to share with your family or friends if there's a lull in conversation.

Notably this month Unicode released the Emoji 11.0 beta. This was previously known as Emoji 6.0, but changed to sync the version number with the Unicode release it relies upon. Naming aside, a mechanism for reversible emojis is included which was announced for the first time in this release.

That means in addition to the new emojis in 2018, some existing emojis may get the capability to be flipped.

Still on the list from earlier drafts is the options for red, curly or white hair (and bald!) as well as a swan, party face, skateboard, mango, and bagel. The list is set to be completed in January, and we should all know exactly what made the final list prior to April 2018.

Jeremy Burge

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Lastly, if you're looking for some festive inspiration, here's two lists you might find helpful:

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