💬 The Wrap

Welcome once again, hallowed reader, to the latest edition of the Emoji Wrap - Emojipedia's once in a 🌑 New Moon newsletter... did someone hear howling? 🐺🗯️

As the 🎃 Jack-O-Lantern patch ripens across social media and the 👻 Ghosts start texting back, we've had new emojis emerge from the depths of Google and Microsoft's developer previews, as well as a look into a possible plain pink heart'd future 🔮... hang on, who owns this crystal ball? 🧙

Additionally, amongst a torrent of brightly-shining ✨ Sparkles and a maelstrom of 🚩 Red Flags, a season-suitable anointed one has risen from last month's new emoji list: the new Melting Face has been winning over the 🫀 Anatomical Hearts and 🧠 Brains of the global emoji community... and speaking of... braaaainnns... 🧟

Also hidden behind the eerie creaking 🚪 Doors (read as 🔗 Links) of this edition of the Emoji Wrap are discussions of how emojis are part of our global folklore, what emojis finally manifested upon Windows 11's debut, and what it takes for a smiley emoji to hide... perhaps in the dead of 🌃 Night or within some sinister 🌫️ Fog...

Happy Halloween, one and all! May your 🍬 Candy be sweet and your 🏚️ Haunted Houses free from unwelcome guests... 🧛

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🤗 Lastly

That does it for our 👻sPoOKy👻 Halloween 2021 edition of the Emoji Wrap! Back into the darkness we go... until next month, anyway! 🦃

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As always, stay safe! 💚🧡

Keith Broni