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Season's greetings from Dublin, Ireland emoji aficionados one and all! Emojipedia's Deputy Emoji Officer Keith Broni here, taking over the Emoji Wrap reigns this month while Jeremy contends with the frosty tides of middle England.

I hope that this edition of Emoji Wrap finds you well fed and watered as the holiday season continues and that you've been able to enjoy yourselves, despite the circumstances, as we approach 2021 (and New Year's Eve emoji usage). Here's hoping that the 💉 Syringe emoji sees a huge uptick in usage (an already-emergent trend according to my own big 2020 emoji analysis) and we can all leave COVID-19 firmly behind us in the new year.

As always, please find below a roundup of the latest emoji news of the last few weeks, which includes a roundup of 2020 emoji trends 📈, royal emoji usage 👑, the release of a new emoji documentary 🎥, and an introduction to a new festive addition to our emoji keyboards 🧑‍🎄.

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🤗 Lastly

Thank you for reading, folks! And a special thank you from me personally: I feel incredibly privileged to have become Emojipedia's Deputy Emoji Officer earlier this year, and I am acutely aware that my role would not exist were it not for the support that readers such as yourself have shown Emojipedia in this strangest of years.

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