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Hello from Lancashire, where if you're in Australia you might have seen me pop up on The Morning Show from my boat, talking about the latest emojis approved for 2021.

But wait...new emoji announcement for 2021? Most people don't even have the 2020 emoji updates like Bubble Tea or the Trans Flag yet. It's...complicated.

Some Android phones and apps have begun seeing new emojis recently (Pixel, a few Samsung phones), and a whole lot more will get them in the coming weeks when Apple releases iOS 14.2.

Further down the links in this newsletter I ponder the purpose of Unicode doing PR, get annoyed at Apple being sued over skin tone emoji designs, and look and other emoji news items that you might not have seen.

Oh and while I have you, here's our Halloween emoji list if you're looking for spooky inspiration. I don't blame you if you're not.


Will the new headstone or black cat emojis land on your phone before October 31? ๐Ÿคท

Jeremy Burge

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Thanks for reading! Despite writing for a living, these newsletters take me forever to find the right words. There's actually a giant amount of 'emoji news' out there day to day, but I strive to find you the parts that are actually interesting. Hopefully I get it right most times.

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