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As Weird Al put it this week: "I know there are a lot of horrible things going on in the world right now, but can we all just stop and take a moment to appreciate the fact that theyโ€™re finally coming out with an accordion emoji??"

If you want to jump straight to the 117 new emojis approved this week: here they are.

Quick recap: on Wednesday January 29, the Unicode Consortium posted emoji charts and data files for this year's emoji update, as well as a blog post to announce that Emoji 13.0 list is now considered final. Charts and data files include all sorts of useful information for vendors: keywords, suggested sort-order, categories, and images from various sources.

Emojipedia has for years now also produced a set of sample images, which we use to show how we think the emojis should or could look when they hit various platforms.

Why do we even do this? Well, Unicode charts have improved, but many of the sample images in earlier years were barely more than clip-art, and we wanted people to have a feel for what the emojis could actually look like. Pictures tell the story much better than words, but even better than picture is a video: where you can sit for two minutes and see all the emoji updates coming to phones this year.

On Twitter? You can browse our thread of all 117 emoji additions here.

The biggest reaction online has been for three new emojis in particular: Smiling Face With Tear, Transgender Flag, and Pinched Fingers. The latter has already seen tweets about and from AOC, Salt Bae, and its inevitable alternative use. For more on the latter interpretation, check out Emojipedia's new NSFW "After Dark" account.

Lastly, if you're commuting or want to hear a little more about some of the new emojis, I spoke with Emojipedia's Senior Emoji Reviewer Keith Broni about the whole new set on the latest Emoji Wrap podcast.

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