๐Ÿ’ฌ The Wrap

I'm so sorry. I'm here in Miami enjoying the warm weather, and got myself extremely carried away with this mega length end of year newsletter over a mega sized coffee.

In January Google will host the next Unicode Technical Committee meeting, where most focus is on non-emoji proposals for 2021 and ahead. But some of the meeting will also be to review beta feedback for 2020's emoji additions. More coming on that next year.

Up top I want to point you to a few great articles published on Emojipedia recently, from both Keith Broni and Jane Solomon:

Expect to see more of these two on Emojipedia in 2020.

Also recently published is the changelog for WhatsApp's emoji release of 2019.

Big thanks Emojipedia lexicographer John Kelly who has taken up a new job, so will no longer be editing the emoji definitions for us in the new year. We're going to keep his Emojiology series going into the new year, so keep an eye out for those.

Okay here's what you've missed if you're not the recipient of non-stop emoji news like I am:

Jeremy Burge

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๐Ÿค— Lastly

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