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Emoji updates are getting much quicker from approval to device! The Emoji 5.0 specification was finalized this month, with the emojis included frozen back in March. Previously, this might have taken vendors 6-24 months to support. Yet we've already seen Twitter and Google support the additions in the same month this time around.

Some other news you might have missed: the deadline for emoji submissions has moved. This was previously in October, but is July 1 this year. That means any emoji that needs a new code point must be submitted by July 1 in order to make the cut for 2018.

WWDC is next week and I'm holding tight to see if Apple includes new emojis in the first iOS 11 developer preview. In past years we've not seen a peep from Apple on their new emoji designs until much later in the year. We'll see if it's any different this year. Be sure to follow Emojipedia on Twitter for any updates on that front.

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