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UTC #149 was held earlier this month, which resulted in the acceptance of a giraffe, pretzel, vampire and these other new emojis for 2017.

Also approved at this meeting was Emoji 4.0 which was released this week. This includes emoji professions, gendered emojis, as well as the Rainbow Flag and United Nations Flag. Android and Twemoji both support the majority of these additions, as will the forthcoming iOS 10.2.

Speaking of which, iOS 10.2 is expected imminently, with a release likely in the next two weeks. This will bring Unicode 9 emojis such as the face palm and shrug, as well as emoji professions from Emoji 4.0.

Also, a happy St Andrew's Day to all the Scots out there! In addition to the other new additions, a Saltire emoji could be a very real possibility in 2017.

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Jeremy Burge