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Hello and happy Thanksgiving my American readers 🦃 🍂 and regular Wednesday (or Thursday) to everyone else.

The big news today is some nostalgia. It's been 10 years since Apple first came out with emoji support on the iPhone.

There's no doubt the Apple emoji set wields great influence over the wider emoji landscape: partly due to early mass adoption (Gmail's emoji support was limited to the Gmail web interface, not a whole operating system) and partly due to the detailed designs which quickly became iconic and representative of "what an emoji is" to much of the general public.

If you don't already follow Emojipedia on Twitter, here's a thread today showing many before/after images of Apple emoji designs from 2008 and 2018.

And has it been under a month since the release of iOS 12.1? Bagelgate and Woozy-face-gate seem so long ago.

Jeremy Burge

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