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Last month I said that we're entering emoji season and to expect a slew of emoji updates from vendors. Well, I'm pleased to report that now we're right amongst it.

In the past month we've seen emoji updates released from Google, Samsung, EmojiOne, and a preview of a new design from Facebook. Still to come is Microsoft in October (in beta now), and Apple, likely coming in iOS 12.1 or iOS 12.2 in Oct-Nov.

This week I've been playing with a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and the experience is odd. While it technically supports all the new emojis (paste them into the Notes app and they work), that's the extent of it. None of the new additions show on the keyboard, half of them break in Samsung Internet (Samsung's own browser), and none of them work in Chrome. So if you care about consistent emoji support, my tip is to stick with iPhone or Pixel models.

Jeremy Burge

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