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Hey! It's just a few days now until World Emoji Day which is on ๐Ÿ“… July 17 each year.

Voting in our World Emoji Awards closes 2pm ET on World Emoji Day (winners to be announced live from the New York Stock Exchange) and the new musical Emojiland has its world premiere in New York City in the evening.

Other companies are likely to be making announcements in the coming days, so if you're not already following @WorldEmojiDay on Twitter, this is the best way to keep up with the latest.

Also, scroll down to grab the latest episode of the Emoji Wrap podcast where Google's emoji boss Jennifer Daniel and I talk about the very contents of this newsletter.


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๐Ÿค— Lastly

While we're here, let me share something about the origins of World Emoji Day.

Back in 2014, Emojipedia had been running for one year when I thought it would be nice to have a day to celebrate all the emoji developments that were taking place at the time.

My original thought was to call it World Emoji Day and hold it on November 22 which is the date that emoji support first came to iOS (in 2008). Another consideration was September 19 - the date that iOS 6.0 was released which was the first mainstream release from Apple to support emojis outside Japan.

I recall planning this around early July, and was soon to make an announcement about the date. Just before doing so, it did strike me that both of those dates were going to be pretty busy in the news cycle given that every year a major new iOS release comes out around September-November.

Simultaneously, the notion that July 17 was fast approaching came up, and this seemed far better. Not only due to the time of year but also as people did already like to share the calendar emoji on this date, if only to point out that "it's the date on the calendar emoji today".

Yes, at the time only the Calendar emoji on iOS showed July 17, but other platforms were lagging in emoji support at the time so Apple's calendar emoji was the main one people were familiar with.

You might notice the creation date for the various @WorldEmojiDay channels is barely a week before July 17. The last-minute decision seemed to be the right one, and here we are now about to celebrate the fifth annual day. For those who got involved in some of the earliest years, thank you! I genuinely enjoy seeing what people and companies come out with now each year.

(Apple of course chose July 17 for other reasons. The ๐Ÿ“… Calendar emoji included July 17 originally due to iCal for Mac being announced on July 17 - so the iCal icon itself originally showed July 17. Google later updated the calendar so users didn't have a confusing experience when people would tweet about World Emoji Day!)