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It's here! If you are reading right away, here's some breaking news (๐Ÿšจ): Unicode released the final emoji list for 2017 just 15 minutes ago. The final list of new emojis totals 239 entries when skin tones and genders are taken into account.

Zombies have skin tones; Genies have gender; Pies are delicious. Plus a giraffe; and more.

View the final emoji list now, along with our sample image collection showing every emoji approved (minus the skin tone variations!).

Huge thanks to Joshua Jones who has designed every emoji in our sample image collection over the years.

Everything you might want to know about this update.

Jeremy Burge

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This email is about 100 people short of hitting 10,000 subscribers. I wanted to make this a special one, and thought you'd appreciate being first to know of the final emoji list for this year.

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